MBD PUNCH LIST! Small Changes That Make A Big Difference

By  Mark Brunetz |   | Posted in " Commercial Design, Design Ideas, Interior Design "

Ever scroll social media or open a House Beautiful to find yourself dreaming of perfectly staged décor?  These coveted looks are designed with a lot of thought. Many times the little things are the secret to spaces that define a lifestyle, share a story, or make a lasting impression.  Use your favorite photo as a guide and punch this easy list to create yours…

1. Greenery - Add plants to your room to pull off the most underestimated upgrade of all time.  They bring the outside in, keep your air healthy, and guarantee a mood boost on the gloomiest of days.  Try a tropical tree in an empty corner, a potted plant next to a sofa or chair, or minis next to table lamps or on mantels.

2. Glow - Grab a skinny floor task lamp and slide it up to your favorite reading chair or sofa corner to create a comfortable evening retreat.  An adjustable arm provides versatility and added visual interest at eye level in any seating area of your home. 

3. The Heavy Hitter - Floor storage.  Large woven baskets handcrafted from natural fibers play the perfect role of keeping you organized and filling large empty spaces along the floor.  Think next to a sofa, chair, or nestled under an occasional table.  Handles make it a home run.

4. Favorite Multi-Tasker - A tiny round or square accent table.  The beauty of this small profile is that it can be moved with ease.  Pull it in front of your sofa if you need an extra surface, in front of a large nightstand for an on-trend urban look, or next to a claw-foot tub for surprising yet functional style.  A gold finish will add a little charm while it’s on the go.

5. Personal and Playful Readables - The ultimate way to bring your world to any space is to add books, magazines, or coffee table beauties to any top.  Use what you love.  What you’ll read.  And what defines your look.  Bring in a new print every month or season for a subtle change of color that will keep you happy year round.