12 Aug

Art is subjective; at least in my world.  Although there are established parameters in which to appreciate and appraise art, any observer will tell you that loving or not loving a piece of art is a gut feeling; and often times hard to describe in actual words.

Whether it’s a painting, sculpture or photograph, I enjoy and employ art in a variety of ways.  As a designer, it’s the perfect way to inspire a space in the beginning of a design or to bring the entire room together in the end.  As a student of life, however, it’s a potential cue as to someone’s true self; revealing a hidden nuance longing to emerge.

One of my first pieces of original art was acquired in Soho in 1996.  Seen above, it’s called ‘Quiet Room II’ by Michael Babyak.

When I first met the struggling artist, I instantly felt a kindred spirit.  More than willing to pay $150 for an original work, only recently did I discover that Michael hails from my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio and that we both uprooted ourselves in pursuit of our artistic endeavors.  Turns out, Michael has done quite well for himself.

After 25 years of acquiring other works of art, ‘Quite Room II’ continues to speak to me always reminding me of a place I call home.  Not the physical structure that Eddie and I inhabit but rather the spiritual place; free of time and space and all of life’s distractions where only I reside.  It is here that I am infinitely calm and laser clear about what’s important to me and where courage avails itself in complete and utter abundance.

If you’re interested in discovering this place I call ‘home’ for yourself, check out Chapter 1 of my book Take the U Out of Clutter where I talk about the ‘Inner U’ as a foundation for living clutter-free.  It’s a place to dwell and manifest in what’s possible for your life and in your home.

Point being; our choice in art resonates on so many levels.  It can speak loudly about our love of a certain subject matter or whisper softly about our unspoken dreams or ambitions.  Regardless, choice in art is different for everyone yet shows that everyone is uniquely different.

So I’m curious, after viewing all of the art in your home, what would title would you give to the name of the exhibit?  One phrase that would sum up all of your art and what it ultimately means to you?

At first, a lot of different titles may come into frame, but in the end, only one will be as original as you.

I’d love to hear your answer in the comments below.

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  • Carolyn

    My favorite artists are Consuelo Gamboa and Jason DeLancy. Gamboa painted picture of beautiful women with dark skin relaxing in a beautiful setting and DeLancy’s art is full of jazz and blues. Gamboa is in my bedroom and DeLancy is in my living area. My living space would be called sweet “serenity”. I also frame art that was created by some of my younger friends. For example, after teaching an 8 year old how to make a hat. She drew a picture of me. She captured my complexion, hair and the glass that I wear. How, excited she was to hear that I put her art on my wall! I put the art of friends and family in my office to look at and remember Just how much I am loved. Sweet “serenity” indeed :) 4 years ago

  • Norma Lamothe

    I don’t have real art. I have pictures of family so the one word would be family. 4 years ago

  • Sherry

    A lot of the the art work in my home has curves or swirls, so I would give it the title of “Swirls.” The back of the chair in your picture looks like it has a swirl pattern. Do you like swirls too? 4 years ago

  • Linda

    Mine would be called “colonial country”. I don’t necessarily like my prints, but they match the colors of the walls and carpets; isn’t that a terrible way to “decorate”? 4 years ago

  • Orlando Disney Fan

    Most of my art in my home was painted by an artist friend, Charlotte Green, of places I have lived and things I treasure. There is a tv show about people who hoard, which you should know very well, Mark, and because of that show, I have donated, dumped, trashed, and sold most of my clutter. So now, I just display my art and a few family treasures. Now if I would just clean as well…My art show would be called “Remembrance.” 4 years ago

  • I’m not writing to you because I am some crazy person or a stalker…I know that there are not many Brunetz’ out there. I think that we are related. My Dad was Hank and one of his brothers was Uncle Johnny. Uncle Johnny lived in Ohio. They were born in Scranton. Check it out….we may be cousins.
    Oh…my collection would be Esperanza (hopes and dreams) 4 years ago

  • M

    I love this question.
    I will ponder it and report back. 4 years ago


    I would call mine Awamaridi! It means the unsearchable one!! I think that is what my art means! 4 years ago

  • Wow, what a challenging question! I think I would name my exhibit “Outdoors is Where the Heart is”. 4 years ago

  • Pride. That’s the word I come up with. The majority of art work in my home is ethnic-african or african american. I have a few celtic things as well. I display these things to show pride in my known ethnic roots of Africa and Ireland. Just need to look for something Lenape and Cherokee and I’m done.:) 4 years ago

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