18 Jun

In the bedroom, for every ‘Oh Yes!’ there’s always an ‘Oh No!’ especially when it comes to design.  So here are my top 6 decorating strategies designed to capture or rekindle the romance and rest assured night after night.

1. BANISH THE BEDTIME STORIES.  Under no circumstances are you to sleep on an ex’s bed.  I don’t care if it cost a fortune and you got it in your divorce.  You’ll get it in your next one if you keep that up.  Since every item in the home has a story, the last thing you want you or your mate thinking about when you crawl between the sheets is your ex.  It’s bad juju.

Being newly single, it’s important that you wipe the slate clean.  As a couple starting out, it’s even more important that you shop for a new bed together.  Not only to help each of you obtain your individual comfort levels but also maintain a little peace of mind.  The bedroom is about creating new memories; not rehashing old ones.

2. UNISEX YOUR SPACE.  Avoid an overly masculine or feminine style in the bedroom. Go for a gender neutral look.  Make unilateral decisions about wall colors and furniture styles and always opt for uber comfortable bamboo or Egyptian cotton when it comes to sheets.  Unlike most of the Gods, the Egyptians were known for a little nooky.

To score extra points in the bedroom, take design cues from the location of your first date, your honeymoon or the color of your partner’s eyes.

3. PARE DOWN TO PAIRS.  Clutter is not sexy.  Period.  So unless all your stuff is contained inside a dresser or closet, pare down all accessories in the bedroom to pairs.  Everything in the bedroom should echo that fact that it’s two people coming together; not three or more.

If you lose your way, remember my mantra… if there’s more than two, it’s no longer about you.

4. TO TV OR NOT TO TV?  THAT IS THE QUESTION.  Shakespeare would agree, the bedroom is for rest & romance.  Avoid the temptation to double up and use the space as an office, craft room or home gym.  I know space is a commodity in many of today’s homes; but so is love.  So limit all distractions from the main attraction.  That includes the tube.

Bed Pic

5. BASK IN THE GLOW.  Do not have direct overhead lighting in the bedroom for rest or romance.  It’s like getting caught in the backseat of a car at a Piggly Wiggly parking lot.  Low level, indirect lighting is the perfect alternative.

Find table lamps or sconces (wall mounted lights) with darker shades to emit a warm glow on you and your partner.  Dim lighting also signals the body that it’s time to wind down or wind up.  Wink, wink.

6. CREATE A SIGNATURE SCENT!  Our sense of smell is over ten thousand times more sensitive than our sense of taste.  Using too many fragrances in one space can be overwhelming.  If you’re combining perfume with candles, flowers, room spray and potpourri, you should apply for a job at the Macy’s perfume counter.

Pick one signature scent like cinnamon, basil, lavender, ginger or almond (which men love) and use it exclusively in the bedroom.  My personal fav — Arcadia by Voluspa.  This way, the signature scent becomes a trigger the minute you walk in the room.  Booyah!

To learn more about boosting your bedroom appeal, check out my on-line chat with Niecy Nash on ‘Let’s Talk About Love‘.

Got a great idea for creating the perfect love nest?  I’d love to hear it in the comments below.

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  • Happy Holidays Mr. Brunetz. I informed you of the accident I suffered when I fell into a sinkhole in the back yard of my home. I wanted to thank you for your heartfelt response.

    I am one of your design groupies. I dislike clutter so I keep my home open but I have an issue when it comes to making my areas look warm.

    In particular my bedroom. I think I have too many pillows. When the bed is made, they actually engulf half of the bed. I feel guilty if I don’t use them all, as if the pillows I leave off are “heart broken.” Lol

    My living room is a whole different story. Why I chose a sage green couch and love seat I do not know but is looks to sad and matches “nothing.”

    The dinning area, the living room and the master bedroom are basically open spaces so I know they should flow but they don’t.

    I try to follow your suggestions but some how I am not getting it right. My husband is in the military and will be home in March so I would love to have him return to a home that looks and mor importantly is comfortable.

    Until next time… Yours truly ¥hotness cmd¥ 2 years ago

  • Edna

    Thanks Mark great advice always, i just learnt something new about the not having a direct overhead lighting in the bedroom, point taken in seriously. 3 years ago

  • Wonderful advice as always, Mark – thanks for inspiring me to make some changes to celebrate the Summer Solstice! 3 years ago

  • Melanie

    Bad juju! Love that expression. I gave my bedrooms names like Blue Room, Bulldog Room, King Suite, etc. Mattresses vary from soft to very firm so each guest can pick their personal preference. Only 1 of the bedrooms has a tv but there are lots of books around. 3 years ago

  • Laura

    Piggly Wiggly! Oh my! As always, these are great tips that anyone can achieve. I just re-did my bedroom and love it. I will definitely incorporate a signature scent. Thanks Mark! 3 years ago

  • Piggly Wiggly? You crack me up!! Wink wink!!!
    Great advice! Thanks so much! Miss you Mark ;) 3 years ago

  • Deb

    I have a very sad bedroom. I made the mistake of having it painted a strange yellow when we moved in and have always hated the color hence no interest in fixing up the room. It’s awful. Also hate the layout but you can only put the furniture one way. You’ve inspired me to do something about it – thanks! 3 years ago

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