16 Apr

Living in sunny Southern California, now seems like the perfect time to get a leg up on Spring cleaning.  And since planning ahead is one my strong suits, I wanted to share my personal list of Spring Cleaning fun in hopes of inspiring you to grab the dirt by the shirt and get ahead of the game this year.  Instead of scrubbing your way into Spring, how ’bout enjoying it!

1.  Pillow Talk. Spring is the perfect time to change out decorative throw pillows, but whether you keep them out or store them, it’s also the best time to clean them. To remove winter stains and odors, take the covers off and gently wash or dry clean according to the care instructions on the label.

2.  Turn the Page on Old Magazines. A lot of us buy magazines over the holidays but less than 20% of them ever get recycled. If you want to remember something from a magazine, tear out the page and file it or scan it to your computer. This way, once you’ve read it, you can recycle or delete it.

3.  Baby Your Plants. Plants that live outdoors are naturally cleaned by rain and wind, but when indoors, they need their own spring cleaning. For real plants, get an old, clean t-shirt and use tepid water to gently wipe down the leaves. For artificial plants, gently wipe down the leaves with standard baby wipes to give them a beautiful shine.

4.  The Great Outdoors. An easy way to clean outside items is to buy an affordable power wash nozzle that hooks up to your existing hose. This is a simple way to wash down the outside of your house, clean concrete driveways and patios and give seasonal outdoor furniture a fresh, new look.

5.  Rest Assured. Most manufacturers recommend turning or flipping your mattress four times a year. Before you do, be sure to deodorize it and cover it with a mattress protector to prevent against dust mites, pollen and pet dander.

6.  Corralling Your Collectibles. A great way to deal with odd, decorative objects cluttering up the home is to group them together on a single tray or bookshelf to create a unified look. This will help keep your counter tops clear and make a wonderful design statement at the same time.

7.  Clean Underfoot. It’s important to clean all the area rugs in the home at least once a year. Vacuum and deodorize both sides of the rug as well as the floor underneath. And for wool rugs, place a cedar plank typically used for in the BBQ under all of your low sitting furniture to prevent damage from moths.

8.  Clean Sport. Before the kids get their hands on their summer sporting equipment that’s been stored up for the winter, wipe it down with a disinfecting bleach solution. This will not only help prevent infections, but the kids will look like All-Stars.

9.  A Fan of Cleaning. With the warmer months upon us, it’s the perfect time to adjust the direction of the blades on a ceiling fan so that they turn counterclockwise and cool the air below. Before you do, be sure to clean them with a rag and soapy warm water. This will help keep your rooms cool and dust-free as we move into the new season.

10.  Clean Your Cleaners. After your cleaners have done the dirty work, it’s important to give them a good cleaning. Sanitize all your rags and floor bonnets in the washing machine then run an empty cycle with a cup of bleach. Wash your sponges and scrubbers in the dishwasher then run a rinse cycle with a cup of vinegar.

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  • ~Great article Mark!~
    We have 11 ceiling fans and they are such a dust collector!
    I’m really loving the first photo you used in this article. The “modern/shabby chic” with the blue pillows. Is that one of your designs? The old door separating the rooms is gorgeous. Keep up the inspiration!
    ~Stay Beautiful Within, Erica~ 4 years ago

  • Kelly

    I too love the cedar plank idea… just got a new wool shag rug…probably very tasty for moths. Thanks! 4 years ago


    Thanks forthe great ideas! Love the Pillow talk as I make mine in African Prints! 4 years ago

  • Katie

    I take the crystals off my chandeliers and put them in a nylon net bag and run them through a cycle of the dishwasher. I tie the bag from the bottom of the top shelf so it hangs between the top and bottom. They come out SPARKLING! Sure saves time washing and drying each one separately. 4 years ago

  • Donna richmond

    Will u be coming to a home show in Nc? Have changed pillows good tip on the rug 4 years ago

  • Karen Croisetiere

    Thanks Mark, the cedar plank idea was fabulous! 4 years ago

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