27 Jan

A few years back, I contributed to an article in the Los Angeles Times on flooring stating that it may not catch your eye as quickly as furniture or artwork, but flooring influences the look and feel of an entire home.  It creates an immediate impact.  When it comes to designing a space, I always consider the floor in each space as the 6th wall; equally if not more important than the other walls.

I was in Las Vegas this week presenting at the International Design Guild Summit 12, talking about luxury design to a group of floor covering showroom owners and designers from around the country.  I also had the privilege of moderating a panel of leading designers which included Susan AnthonySally Wilson, Emily Winters & Greg Holmes.  In preparation for event, I was recently interviewed by IDG for their newsletter and thought I’d share those Q&As here.  Enjoy!

What, in your opinion takes a design from everyday to luxury?

Craftsmanship, originality and a employing a certain level of restraint.

A high level of craftsmanship is imperative when it comes to evoking luxury in any space. The skill of an artisan and the quality of materials utilized are the difference between an item that looks mass produced and one that is a true masterpiece. The finished product should not only look good, it should feel good.

Second, a luxurious room always includes a statement piece; a one-of-a-kind object that’s as original as the client. It should tell a story that’s personal and interesting. 

Lastly, people today have a tendency to overdo and affluent clients can be equally as guilty. I’ve learned when to say when so that there’s less to see and more to appreciate.  When it comes to interiors, it’s about quality of living not quantity.

What is your favorite way to add luxurious style and organization to a home?

Include multi-functional, standard foundation pieces in every room.  I love using furnishings that are visually stunning yet organizationally accommodating.  Two high boy dressers flanking a living room fireplace are perfect for storing seasonal throws, magazines or extra candles whereas a vintage shirt trunk can effortlessly accommodate a martini on top and a chess board inside.  Stylish and multi-functional, these staple pieces adapt to today’s need for eye-catching organization.

What do you see as the biggest design trend for 2012?

The biggest design trend in 2012 will not be a color palette, a unique silhouette or a new space age material. Rather, it’s a movement towards personalization in all aspects of lifestyle; especially in the home.  Nowadays, anything and everything is available on-line.  Clients have one click access to endless inspiration and the ultimate in product mix; once available only to the trade.  This technology-supported drive towards personalizing everything will become more prevalent than ever in the coming year(s) as it continues to shape our industry; both for designers and clients alike.

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  • marilee botos

    I miss your weekly forum to show off your talent. I am also cheered and inspired by watching you on Clean House. You have convinced me that the most essesntial thing is a consistent vision. I like the way you would convince people that even if a piece was quality or lovely, it wasn’t worth keeping if it didn’t match the ultimate style someone was going for. You are very talented!!! 5 years ago

  • Mark, Just want to say Thank You So Very Much for presenting & conducting the panel discussion with Interiors Designers from around the country for the Internationl Design Guild meeting last week in Vegas.
    It was a real pleasure and I must say an inspiration to watch a professional such as yourself. Again, Thank You for sharing your ideals and insights with us.
    Billie Groves Dalezman
    Floors Beautiful
    White Plains, NY 5 years ago

  • Janice

    Mark – I, too, miss seeing you on a regular basis. Your ideas on Clean House have given me ideas for my own home – although I have no clutter. I am in the process of redecorating and would love your ideas. Are you ever in Orange County? Can I hire you to advise me on what to do with my house? A big fan, Janice 5 years ago

  • Melanie

    Hi Mark. I made the mistake of using cheap flooring in my laundry room. It’s already cracked and scratched. With flooring you get what you pay for so look for quality as well as price. 5 years ago

  • caroline

    Hi Mark. You are so “right on” about flooring as a balance to the composition to the room. It’s like wearing a wonderful dress, accessories and the shoes are out of place.
    Great advice. 5 years ago

  • Chris

    Hi Mark,
    I’m so glad that Trish let me know how to see all the Clean House episodes with you, Niecy, Matt and Trish. I have downloaded most of my favorite episodes on I-Tunes. Now I can watch whenever I like. When I feel low or for whatever reason I just clic on an episode. Then I always feel better. :) I sure do wish you would make some more shows together but I guess all good things have to come to an end, eventually.
    God bless and love you..
    Chris 5 years ago

  • trish

    Hi Mark!

    I think your Wonderful! And I Miss you. And you have Wonderful taste. Great Job! 5 years ago

  • Caroline

    I miss you on Clean House. Love you Mark :)) 5 years ago

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